Emerging markets by their very nature are highly volatile, but for the informed investor it is possible to make a killing without losing your shirt.

Many factors should be considered before risking your hard earned cash in any emerging market including: political stability, economic realities, cultural, geopolitical, and demographic changes and many other relevant factors.

As the author of this blog I will show my interest in investment by presenting the insights of my on-going research, along with observations of other eminent commentators.  You are invited to join the discussion in this fascinating area and your comments on this blog are most welcome.

About me:

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Security awarded by the Moscow State Humanitarian University, and a postgraduate diploma in Accounting and Audit.

After 14 exciting years of my career in the marketing department of an international Germany-based FMCG company, I moved to the Isle of Man in 2010 to study for a Master’s degree in International Banking & Finance at the Isle of Man International Business School. The core of this course was  investment, portfolio management, risk management, and capital markets.

In my dissertation I analysed the volatility of emerging markets (BRICS) versus the more mature markets of the UK & US. For this I used advanced econometric modelling techniques (ARCH, GARCH) to gain a more holistic view of the stock market by capturing elements and market forces not normally seen with fundamental and technical analytical methods. This work was a great experience and I learned lots of useful techniques to analyse markets. Having completed my dissertation I was awarded my Master’s in February 2012.

I continue to research and write on the subject of the dynamics emerging markets and the opportunities available to investors looking for high returns whilst minimising risk.

Oksana Voron

February, 2013

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