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Russia Country Factfile – Information Search

Statistic search It took long few hours for me to find some relevant and reliable source of information about Russia, namely, so-called Country Factfile data (GDP, inflation, etc.), so I thought I would share this Russia Country Factfile, hope it may

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The Breakdown of the BRICs

There is some degree of concert in the business world regarding whether or not it is the end of BRIC era? “Every decade there’s a theme that captures investors’ imagination—the 1970s was about gold, 1980s was all about Japan, and 1990s

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Украсть или спрятать: эксперты спорят о причинах вывода российских денег на Кипр

Экономисты Пайви Кархунен и Светлана Ледяева из Университета Аалто (Хельсинки) и Джон Уолли из Университета Западной Онтарио опубликовали на сайте Vox EU колонку, освещающую уникальность финансовых отношений России и Кипра самого недавнего прошлого. Главное открытие ученых в том, что поток

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Russian Cyprus round-tripping: Corruption-linked money laundering – by VOX paper

Russian involvement in Cyprus was widely recognised during the acute phase of the most recent Euro Zone crisis.  The issue has been widely discussed in recent months due to the critical financial situation in Cyprus and huge interest of Russian’s political

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Richer Russians

When Mr Putin first came to power 12 years ago, the Russian electorate was relatively homogenous in its incomes and requirements. The middle class made up some 15% of the population. But much has changed over the intervening decade…. To

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Originally posted on Investing For Teachers:
The notion of rebalancing is not a new one. Research also shows that rebalancing once a year will do more for investment returns. It adds up to 1.5%. Just as little bits erode, so…

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Stock Market Investment Research and the Tricky Tricks Used to Trick You

Stock Market Investment Research and the Tricky Tricks Used to Trick You.

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Saving Investors From Themselves

Originally posted on Above the Market:
Jason Zweig is the personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal.  His columns appear in the week-end edition of the Journal and are always well worth reading.  Last week he deservedly (if tardily)…

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The Middle-Class Revolution –

The Middle-Class Revolution All over the world, argues Francis Fukuyama, today’s political turmoil has a common theme: the failure of governments to meet the rising expectations of the newly prosperous and educated. via The Middle-Class Revolution –  

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